International Master’s Programmes in Materials Research

Within the UA Ruhr university network, international master’s programmes in materials sciences offer young scientists from all over the world several opportunities to specialize themselves in a field of materials research.
Students can study the following specializations within the UA Ruhr:

  • Computational Engineering
  • Lasers and Photonics
  • Materials Science and Simulation
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Molecular Sciences – Spectroscopy and Simulation
  • Process Systems Engineering

Scroll through short descriptions of the respective programmes below or take a look at them by downloading the flyer to your right.

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Computational Engineering

For more than a decade, computational engineering has become increasingly important in science and high-tech industrial applications. Computational Engineering (CompEng) provides you with key skills in engineering mechanics, mathematics and computer science required for innovatively designing and analysing high-tech engineering systems and materials. The programme is embedded in a strong research environment with an excellent international reputation. As a graduate from this programme, you will be well prepared for top-level positions in both academia and industry.

APPLY UNTIL: May 15 (non-EU citizens), July 15 (EU citizens)
PROGRAMME START: October (winter term)

Lasers and Photonics

The programme Lasers and Photonics (LaP) provides you with extensive insight into the highly interdisciplinary field of optics, lasers and photonics. Current research on photonics and terahertz technology and its relevance for applications will be infered. In addition to the fundamental courses in these fields, the programme offers hands-on lab projects in state-of-the-art laser laboratories, the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary research projects, publish the results in top-ranking journals and to visit research partners worldwide.

APPLY UNTIL: January 15 (for summer term), July 15 (for winter term)
PROGRAMME START: April (summer term), October (winter term)

Manufacturing Technology

Mechanical engineers are pioneers for progress and development in the field of industrial production. Due to the increasing complexity of mechanical engineering developments, a comprehensive understanding of the individual fields of mechanical engineering is essential. The Master’s programme Manufacturing Technology equips you with detailed knowledge, skills, and competences in the field of interdisciplinary production engineering. Close collaborations with partners in academia and industry worldwide prepare you for an international career in the production sector.

PROGRAMME START: October (winter term)

Materials Science and Simulation

With its focus on decisive key competencies in materials science, physics, and numerical methods and its internationally renown teachers, the Master’s Programme Materials Science and Simulation (MSS) prepares you for an academic or industrial career in materials science. Combining comprehensive training in numerical simulation, experimental characterization, and processing techniques with experiment and hands-on project-oriented teamwork, it will enable you to apply modern experimental methods on all relevant scales and thus open a broad field of professional options for you.

APPLY UNTIL: March 15 or June 15 (non-EU citizens), September 15 (EU citizens)
PROGRAMME START: October (winter term)

Molecular Sciences – Spectroscopy and Simulation (IMOS)

With a focus on the molecular understanding of chemical and biochemical processes, Molecular Sciences – Spectroscopy and Simulation (IMOS) covers both the traditional disciplines of chemistry and physics as well as advanced spectroscopy, computer simulation and quantum chemistry. The goal of this programme is to train you in both cutting-edge science and modern techniques at an early stage of your career. The course offers hands-on experience in experimental and theoretical methods along the opportunity to participate in research projects as well as to conduct a three-month research internship at leading institutions in the area of molecular sciences.

PROGRAMME START: October (winter term)

Process Systems Engineering

The education in the specialization Process Systems Engineering enables you to work on the design and operation of complex chemical and biochemical production systems using mathematical models and modern computer tools for simulation and optimization. This comprises advanced control and production scheduling methods and the analysis and description of experimental data which will enable you to be at par with the electronics involved in a chemical plant. Students will learn in a truly international class and work together with fellows from other countries, cultures and backgrounds. Joint work in tutorials, labs and project groups will broaden your horizons and enable you to interact respectfully in international teams and organizations.

PROGRAMME START: October (winter term)