External Surveys

The Materials Chain has launched two major studies with the aim to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the strengths and possibly existing weaknesses of the UA Ruhr flagship program. These studies will help to thematically sharpen the research focus of the Materials Chain and to generate new ideas for joint research proposals.

The trend study was conducted by the VDI Technologiezentrum in cooperation with the Forschungszentrum Jülich to determine how the Materials Chain should align itself thematically in the future, taking prospective major trends in the field of materials sciences and engineering into account that are relevant for the development of the UA Ruhr flagship program. Megatrends will play a significant role in science and industry, economy, and society while being consistent with key topics of major work- or funding programs by the government (such as the German Federal Government’s high-tech strategy or Horizon 2020), ideally matching the research competencies of the Materials Chain members. To initiate novel future joint research projects, scientifically applicable topics were derived from these megatrends.

Download Reports

Members can download the corresponding reports, summaries and supporting material here (password protected).