RTG 2131: High-dimensional Phenomena in Probability - Fluctuations and Discontinuity

Type of Funding: DFG Programmes, Research Training Group


The Research Training Group (RTG) High-dimensional Phenomena in Probability - Fluctuations and Discontinuity offers excellent national and international graduates in the mathematical sciences the opportunity to conduct internationally visible doctoral research in probability theory. The goal of the RTG is to bring together the joint expertise on aspects of high dimension in probability. In the study of random structures in high dimensions, one frequently observes universality in limit theorems (fluctuations) as well as phase transitions (discontinuities). These aspects form the common focus of a large number of currently active research projects in stochastic processes. The cooperation of several research groups will offer the Ph.D. students the unique opportunity to gain experience beyond their own research topic, thus giving a broad scientific education. The RTG is supported by top level research groups in probability theory and its applications, stochastic analysis, stochastic geometry and mathematical physics. The research groups involved in the RTG have recently successfully carried out externally funded research projects in probability and statistics. As a rule, each doctoral student in the RTG will be supervised by two PIs.

The doctoral research projects are accompanied by a structured training programme consisting of graduate courses taught by two PIs simultaneously (RTG afternoons), seminars and international summer schools. The involvement of external researchers is obtained by research visits at the three participating universities, and by visits to the home institutions of foreign cooperation partners, made possible by the international network of research cooperations of the PIs. The students will profit from the opportunities provided by the Universitätsallianz Ruhr, notably the RUB Research School (scientific and soft skills), the Global Young Faculty and the ScienceCareerNet Ruhr with its mentoring³ programme for career development of female students and postdocs. Specifically for the RTG, research oriented gender equality standards will be developed by suitable measures. For female Ph.D. students, the RTG will offer a programme tailored for their research topic. A supervision concept, an evaluation process, and annual feedback conferences complete the research training programme. The inclusion of postdoctoral researchers into the RTG is made possible by the offer of professional research development and by specific qualification opportunities.

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Contact Person at UA Ruhr:
Prof. Dr. Holger Dette, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Prof. Dr. Martin Hutzenthaler, University of Duisburg-Essen
Prof. Dr. Jeannette Woerner, TU Dortmund University

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