Materials Innovation and Manufacturing for Sustainability

2nd. Feb. 2022, ZGH Keynote Perspective Talk, online via Zoom

Start: 2nd. Feb. 2022. 04:15 p.m.
End: 2nd. Feb. 2022. 00:00

Prof. Dr. Liangbing Hu Center for Materials Innovation University of Maryland, USA


Each semester ZGH will host a Keynote Perspective Talk where an outstanding researcher will present their perspective on an emerging research topic related to interface-dominated materials.

Materials Innovation and Manufacturing for Sustainability
Prof. Dr. Liangbing Hu, Center for Materials Innovation, University of Maryland, USA

In this seminar, I will briefly discuss my group’s motivations, research overview, and selective achievements in the following two topics: [1] Extreme high temperature (2000–3000 K) as a disruptive platform to design/synthesize novel materials, from single atom, high entropy nanoparticles (Science 2018, 359, 1489, Cover) and high performance battery membrane (Science 2020). [2] Wood nanocellulose as a material platform for designing new structures to manipulate ion, phonon, photon, and mechanical properties, with end applications in lightweight, energy-efficient transportation (super wood, Nature 2018, 554, 224), energy-efficient green buildings (cooling wood, Science 2019, 364, 760), and high-performance membranes for the water-energy nexus and solid-state batteries (ionic wood, Nature Materials 2019, 18, 608; Nature 2021).

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