International Online Workshop: Materials Data Science for Accelerating Materials Discovery and Design

22nd. Mar. 2021, workshop, online via Zoom

Start: 22nd. Mar. 2021. 03:00 p.m.
End: 23rd. Mar. 2021. 08:00 p.m.


Workshop organisers:
Christop Brabec (FAU Erlangen, Germany), Ralf Drautz (RUB, Germany), Alfred Ludwig (RUB, Germany), Markus Stricker (RUB, Germany), Ichiro Takeuchi (UMD, USA)

Download preliminary workshop program

Major technological advancements usually rely on the discovery and utilization of materials. Data science, machine learning and automation of workflows speed up the process to probe unknown material spaces. The goal of this workshop is to discuss the current state of materials discovery and design which makes considerable use of these approaches in both experiment and simulation. And further, to identify the next necessary steps for the community to go from isolated success stories to generally usable and reliable frameworks.

Invited speakers include:
Raymundo Arroyave, TAMU, USA
Maria K. Chan, ANL, USA
Sergei V. Kalinin, ORNL, USA
Aaron Gilad Kusne, NIST, USA
Phillip Maffettone, BNL, USA
Bryce Meredig, Citrine Informatics, USA
Ralf Rettig, Thermo-Calc, SWE
Elsa Olivetti, MIT, USA
Kenneth S. Vecchio, UCSD, USA
Chris Wolverton, NWU, USA

There will also be a set of contributed talks and panel discussions.

If you are interested to participate please send an e-mail, including a few sentences of why you are interested to take part in the workshop, to

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