Annual Meeting of the ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Aerosoltechnik

2nd. Apr. 2020, Annual Meeting, Fraunhofer-inHaus-Zentrum 47057 Duisburg

Start: 2nd. Apr. 2020. 01:00 p.m.
End: 3rd. Apr. 2020. 04:00 p.m.

Steffi Nickol University of Duisburg-Essen


Aerosol processes are widely used in materials synthesis, the chemical industry and food technology. The challenges in product design range from understanding and controlling particle formation and growth to the design and operation of aerosol reactors and plants. Especially in the field of spray flame synthesis and gas phase synthesis of nanoparticles, the optimized process design and the production of functional materials with a wide range of properties requires a deeper understanding of the complex particle formation mechanisms. This requires the development and application of specific in-situ analytical methods, the creation of chemical mechanisms through basic kinetic experiments and theoretical calculations as well as a comprehensive simulation of the entire process chain adapted to the problem.

At the first joint conference of the ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Aerosoltechnik and the DFG Priority Program SPP1980 "Nanoparticle Synthesis in Spray Flames" and the Research Group FOR2284 "Model-based Scalable Gas Phase Synthesis of Complex Nanoparticles", experts from industry and science will discuss current research approaches from topics of common interest and the state of the art.

Submissions are still possible until 15.01.2020.

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