Modelling & Simulation


Scale bridging modelling of complex fluids: From nano-scale flow to suspension rheology

Fathollah Varnik, ICAMS, Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany

Complex fluids cover a wide range of materials from binary fluid mixtures through emulsions to suspensions of rigid and soft particles [1-4]. Flow properties, structure and rheological response in these materials are mutually connected and determined by the interplay of processes on different length and time scales. This includes on the one hand forces and transport on the particle or droplet scale and the long range hydrodynamic effects on the microstructure on the other hand. The presence of various scales poses a challenge to numerical modelling of these systems.

We present a number of successful strategies which allow to efficiently bridge this gap [5-8]. Among these, a model to simulate the flow of suspensions of red blood cells is presented and validated against available theories [2,3,7]. The second example brings us to the deformation behaviour of amorphous solids where results of molecular dynamics simulations serve as input to larger continuum-scale models, allowing one to predict flow instability and a rich dynamic behaviour for the apparently simple case of flow in a planar Couette geometry [8].

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