Challenges by using textile reinforced concrete

Jeanette Orlowsky, TU Dortmund, Dortmund, Deutschland
Markus Beßling, TU Dortmund, Dortmund, Deutschland

Textile reinforced concrete is the new composite material in civil engineering. The reduced consumption of resources compared to steel reinforced concrete is an outstanding advantage of this composite material. The wall thickness of 20–30 mm compared to 120–150 mm allows substantial saving of material, weight and volume with similar mechanical properties.

Fundamental research on this topic has been done at the Technical University Dresden and at the RWTH Aachen (DFG Collaborative Research Centres 528 and 532) since 1999. Meanwhile, based on this fundamental research, the industry has stepped in the development of textile reinforced concrete and a wider range of materials are available now.

Those new composite materials have to be characterised. In particular, the long-term behaviour concerning corrosion processes of the textile reinforcement as well as mechanical degradation of the composite material have to be studied. The fire resistance and recyclability are further unanswered topics.

The presentation provides an overview of the state of research on textile reinforced concrete, highlights, challenges and possible contributions in this field that seem promising to the Materials Chain initiative of UA Ruhr.

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