Making Data management feel easy – Integration of a data repository into the research process

Johannes Frenzel, Andreas Schramm, Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Germany

Making science reproducible and sustainable requires a technical infrastructure that integrates the implementation of good scientific practice as early as possible in the research data lifecycle. The more research data management (RDM) infrastructures are tailored to discipline-specific needs, the more efficiently they can be used by researchers. At the same time, however, the necessary central resource requirements increase considerably due to the necessary individual adaptations. In this area of tension between generic and discipline-specific services, the central RDM service providers must prioritize the further development of their RDM infrastructures. The talk will give an overview about the general use case of the RUB data repository and furthermore shows exemplary necessary adaptations for a discipline-specific collaborative research centre with a neuroscience focus.

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