High-performance Layered Sodium Transition Metal Oxides for Sodium-Ion Batteries: Present and Future Perspectives

Nuria Tapia-Ruiz, Lancaster University, UK

Increasing concerns regarding the sustainability of lithium sources have raised awareness of the importance of developing alternative energy-storage candidates that can sustain the ever-growing energy demand. Given the uniformly high abundance, cost-effectiveness and suitable redox potential of sodium, sodium-ion battery (SIB) technology offers tremendous potential to be a counterpart to lithium-ion batteries in different application scenarios, such as stationary energy storage or low-cost vehicles. However, the performance of SIBs is strictly limited by available electrode materials, especially for sodium-layered oxides- one of the most promising candidates-, motivating the exploration of more complex systems and design strategies, to improve the performance of existing materials.

In this talk, I will discuss several examples where through materials’ rational design across relevant length scales we have produced sodium layered oxide cathode and anode materials with desirable electrochemical properties for SIBs, such as cycling stability and high energy and power densities. Furthermore, I will cover the importance of a multi-technique approach to understanding structure-property relationships in these oxide materials. Finally, I will outline future research directions and challenges ahead for the implementation of these materials in SIBs.

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