Process Intensification in Catalytic Reactors by Structured Catalyst Supports

Hannsjörg Freund, TU Dortmund University, Germany

For the development of innovative and highly efficient chemical reactors and processes, an interdisciplinary method- and model-based approach is mandatory. The aim is to meet the optimal reaction conditions at every point along the reactor. For the realization of these optimal reaction conditions, specific requirements regarding heat and mass transport characteristics demand for suitable catalyst support materials and structures.

In this regard, additive manufacturing techniques allow for the fabrication of periodic open cellular structures (POCS) with well-defined geometrical properties. POCS are promising novel catalyst supports as they can eliminate the drawbacks of conventional randomly packed fixed-bed reactors, i.e., high pressure drop and hotspots. In this talk, I will illustrate the exceptional performance of POCS as well as their operational flexibility, demonstrating that tailor-made POCS represent a new class of superior catalyst supports.

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