Optimizing the electrocaloric effect by ab initio based simulations

Anna Grünebohm, University of Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany

Ferroic cooling is promising for novel sustainable cooling technologies [1,2]. However, to compete with conventional cooling technologies and Peltier elements, many challenges have to be met along the whole „Materials Chain“.

In this talk I discuss the benefits of ab initio based simulations for the fundamental understanding and optimization of the electrocaloric effect. In particular I will focus on different factors promoting inverse electrocaloric responses [3].

[1] X. Moya et al., Nature Mater. 22, 439 (2014)
[2] S. Fähler et al. (Ed.), Energy Technology, 6, 1394 (2018)
[3] A. Grünebohm et al., Energy Technology, 6, 1491 (2018)

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