Effect of Cr addition on ordering in ribbons of Fe-Al alloys obtained by rapid solidification

Imad Messai, University of Constantine1- Algeria, Commune of Taya- Setif, Algeria

The Iron based alloys attract much attention for their unique properties and wide range of applications, it is well known that the change of the structure affect directly the mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties of these alloys. In this paper we will study the properties of massive and ribbons samples of Fe-Al alloys, and the effect of Cr addition as a third element on the properties changes. The alloys are prepared by the named flot planner method (rapid solidification). DSC is used to determine the critical points of phase transformations, X-ray diffraction measurements to reveal that the samples are in single D03 ordered phase, the electrical resistivity measurement to show the significant influence of Cr addition for ordering process increasing.

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