From the lab to the bar table

Pint of Science in Duisburg and Essen

© UDE/Nicolas Wöhrl

If you like science, good company and beer (or another cold drink), you shouldn't miss Pint of Science. The global science format will take place in parallel in pubs, bars and cafés from 13 to 15 May - and after last year's successful kick-off in Duisburg, it is now also taking place in Essen for the first time. Organised by scientists from the University of Duisburg-Essen, the Finkenkrug and Don't Panic will provide insights into the world of farting, sustainability and materials of the future, among other things. No prior knowledge is required, the ticket costs 2.50 euros.

Over the course of three days, scientists from the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) from various disciplines will swap the lab or their desk for the stage at the Finkenkrug in Duisburg (13 and 15 May) and at Don't Panic in Essen (14 May). They will explain what they are researching - in a relaxed, approachable and, above all, understandable way for everyone. The topics are as varied as the drinks menu:

On 13 May at 7 p.m., the event will be entitled "Comedy of the future: From an energy-rich mix of materials to a smart home - research in the fast lane" ( "Zukunftskomödie: Vom energiegeladenen Materialmix zum cleveren Zuhause – Forschung auf der Überholspur"). The three presentations will focus on materials for climate change, biodiversity and smart homes. Then on 14 May in Essen, things will get really up close and personal once again, with talks on flatulence, cable cars and waste water. The 15th of May will be dedicated to the motto "From counts to flashes of genius: revolutionary materials and methods that are shaking up science" („Von Grafen bis Geistesblitz: Revolutionäre Materialien und Methoden, die die Wissenschaft aufmischen“) and will take the audience on a journey from laser-flashed chemistry and animal magnet orientation to the material of the hour.

Attention, though: If you still want to be there in Essen, you should be quick. The tickets for Duisburg are already sold out.

Co-organiser and UDE scientist Dr Nicolas Wöhrl is looking forward to the three-day science event: "Our aim is to bring research into the heart of society - and to do so in an absolutely low-threshold way and in an environment in which people feel comfortable. We achieve this by organising events like this. Nobody has to have any inhibitions, just come along, have fun and, ideally, take away new knowledge."