Making electrodes robust for H2 production

Why I do research: Vineetha Vinayakumar

© UDE/Melanie Daamen

‘We live in a world where energy demand is rising day by day’, says Dr Vineetha Vinayakumar. That’s why the materials scientist focuses on developing efficient and environment-friendly ways to produce hydrogen.

You are an expert on Materials Engineering. Can you explain your current research focus?

Currently, I focus on Green Hydrogen whose climate impact is negligible. One production method is the electrochemical splitting of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. Here, my research focuses mainly on the anode developments for alkaline electrolysis. As part of a hydrogen flagship project (H2Giga), I investigate electrodes composed of metal oxides at different stages of processing employing a coherent workflow to optimize each step individually thereby making these electrodes more efficient, stable and scalable. I apply my knowledge and experience in in-depth material characterization and processing using a set of complementary advanced techniques to investigate these electrode materials in their powder, suspension, and thin film form and use the information to further optimize them.

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